Edible Images

Edible Images Rules

  • Prices range from $8.00 to 12.00 depending on size and ink used
  • We stop printing at 5:45PM weekdays and 2:45PM Saturdays.
  • Excessive amount of ink $2 extra
  • All Images NEED IN STORE APPROVAL before printing.
  • ALL images need to be send 12-24hrs. IN ADVANCE, unless it needs to be scanned.
  • If an Image is CUSTOMIZED by AFYC it will be a charge of $4 extra per sheet (adding different Images to one page is considered customized).
  • We CAN NOT add writing on Images.
  • Once you walk out AFYC, we are NOT responsible for any damages/accidents with the image.
  • Walk-in printouts MAY NOT ALWAYS get printed the same day.
  • If an Image is scanned the quality will not be the
    same as the original image.
  • Printing on Wafer paper is at YOUR OWN RISK we
    do not recommend it, if we printed by your choice
    and it rips, you still have to pay for the ink used.
  • All images need to be emailed to info@a4yc.com on an attached file.
  • WE DO NOT accept LINKS as images.
  • WE ONLY accept files in JPEG format.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.