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Create the prettiest princess eyes in just two easy steps with these Easy Eyes Cutters from Silvia Mancini.

With Easy Eyes Cutters, creating eyes for your female cake figures and princess characters has never been so easy.

These cutters vary slightly in size and shape, providing you with alternatives to find the perfect eyes for your cake figures!

This pack includes two cutters, including:
1 x Small (50/70g)
1 x Large (70/90g)

This pack can be used with a variety of mediums, including: sugar paste, fimo, modelling paste, modelling chocolate, marzipan etc.

1. After you have sculptured the nose, position the cutter precisely in the middle and push gently.
2. To complete, either paint directly onto the eyes or remove the excess paste and replace it with a small piece of white modelling paste.

Wash cutters in warm water before use.

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